Friday June 15 2018 10am-3pm

Medicine Wheel & Community Despacho

Totem Hall Community Center Squamish, BC 

Saturday June 16 2018 10am -12pm

Shamanic Yoga With Andrea Sentesy & Andean Shaman

38030 Clarke Drive (behind the school)

Squamish, BC

SAturday June 16 2018 5:30-9pm

Illawi: Squamish Ayllu

The Yoga Studio

Squamish, BC

wednesday June 20 2018 3pm -5pm

Meet & Greet Andean Paqos

Back Hall, DIRCS

Denman island, BC

Mon-Tues June 18-19 2018 9am-4pm

Andean Teachings

The Abbey Studio

cumberland, BC 

Thursday June 21 2018 9am-11am

Solstice Yoga & healing Arts

community park/Back hall, DIRCS

Denman island, BC

Wednesday June 27 2018 10am -12pm

Despacho & water Ceremony

Riverside Park

Kamloops, BC

Tuesday June 26 2018 5:30-9pm

illawi: Kamloops Ayllu


kamloops, BC 

July 7 2018 3pm -9pm

andean teachings & despacho

North Base Ranch

Peace River, Alberta

July 2 2018 10am-3pm

Andean teachings & despacho

jasper Wellness Center

jasper, BC 

thursday June 27 2018 5:30-9pm

Andean Teachings: deepenings

kamloops, BC


Tuesday-Thursday 9am-3pm 
Evening appointments available upon request

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